Welcome note to assessors.

I am a new student to The Open College of Arts undergraduate photography studies programme. This is the space where my learning studies, research, exercises and assignments are documented. Please use ‘categories’  in the right hand margin to navigate between exercises, research and assignments. Exercises are under a different heading to research and clearly marked as such.  Supplementary study categories and assignments are found in the same list.

When I started this module at the start of September 2013 I hadn’t engaged in any education for some 25 years apart from some basic training in my last career.  Certainly my IT knowledge was/is somewhat limited and starting this course was definitely a case of a ‘jump into the deep end’ and ‘learning on the job’. It might have been better to undertake an access course first but there didn’t seem to be the right thing available for me.  I hope that you can see a gradual improvement in presentation and confidence as this module has progressed. Everything my tutor has fed back to me is pasted into the relevant assignment categories. The PDF assignment submissions and the relevant feedback from my tutor are submitted  in print alongside some sample photographic prints. There is also hard book submission for assignment 5.SONY DSC


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