Read The Manual – Conclusion.

Ashamedly dog eared and with the obligatory tea stains the D700 manual was found… I have so far perused the first 130 pages of my D700 manual.  So far, so good although a little ashamed that I didn’t know about the NR reduction feature.  Maybe I did but since forgotten.  I now have in mind to experiment with some features a little more e.g.. I have dabbled with live view recently on a landscape tutorial and also under my own steam but see the need to refine my skills so LV becomes second nature to use.  I had been quite happy using manual focus through the view finder but I will persevere……just as long as my batteries don’t drain too quickly.

Some other camera features, particularly surrounding flash photography which I haven’t ever seriously dabbled with will need revisiting as time goes on. Overall it was a very healthy exercise familiarising myself with the manual and will be revisiting it on a regular basis as I experiment further with different genres of photography.


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