Exercise: Focus With a Fixed Aperture Of F2.8


Nikon D700.


Focal length 50mm.

24 – 70 mm F2.8 lens.



For this composition and subject, the first image below with the focal point on the first headstone is the strongest.   The image keeps the headstone in context and is clear and legible to read and also holds the viewers eye to the headstone of interest.  

However, had the second headstone not been offset and had a slightly different composition  been adopted then I would have been inclined to prefer the the DOF to have been held on the second headstone.


In the third image the composition doesn’t lend itself to the far right head stone being the fixed focal point as it is too small and too distant.  Had the far right headstone been the most prominent in the line, then the long lead in to this focused headstone may have made for a pleasing image.


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