Exercise: Focus At Different Apertures.

The aim of this exercise was to demonstrate the effect of aperture on depth of field.  Due to inclement weather I had to resort to an indoor exercise.


Nikon D700.


50mm 1.8 prime lens.

The finding are described under each image.  Aperture priority was selected to automatically compensate exposure with the shutter speed as the aperture decreased in size.

I am sure I did know this once is this but one question I am left with is this. How does focal distance affect Depth of Field? I am sure the answer is very technical but will research/ experiment and digest as time goes by.

Following consultation with http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/depth-of-field.htm my theory that focal length affects DOF is correct. All sorts of maths and graphs exist. I am not one for remembering such exact detail as I prefer learning by trial and error, but I will experiment with focal length and aperture to see what this all means in practical terms therefore giving greater control on image outcome as time goes on. Another website also give a user friendly diagram that I shall post above this entry and also print to keep close to hand.https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/181006_494481970565474_1414514949_n.jpg


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