Exercise: Panning With Different Shutter Speeds.

Underneath this entry please find the images referred to in this text.

I have had to complete this exercise prior to ‘ Exercise – Shutter Speeds’  due to varying factors.  However, I have enough shutter speed knowledge to feel confident about taking this panning exercise on first.

This exercise in panning was completely new to me and therefore the finished results are  sub standard.  However, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and gained much from the experience.

There were some 60 images taken and many of them were rendered useless as I was grappling to handle panning technique, focus and basic camera drill in a seamless manner – my balance not being too great wasn’t helping the situation any.  I have used 6 image to bring back here and although that is several short of the suggested amount, there is enough to clearly see the effect.  

I chose a roadside location where I knew the cars would be travelling roughly 40 – 50 miles per hour. Any faster/ slower would be dangerous on this road so I was able to maintain some consistency of speed in oncoming traffic. The technical details and my thoughts are detailed under each image.

If I had to make a choice out of this sorry set of images then I would say that it would have to be a toss of a coin between CB11 and CB10.  CB11 giving me the closest to a technically valid panning image.  Creatively, the overall feel and affect of CB10 captures my imagination.  Had CB10  had any area of the front in sharp focus then it would be a clear winner for me.

I found the panning experience strangely addictive though and was beginning to see results by the time I took the image CB11, having got used to the motion and tracking….

…Then the rain came and it was the end of play.






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