Exercise: Shutter Speeds.

The purpose of this exercise was to study the effect of motion at a range of shutter speeds.

A bike would have been ideal but I live in a remote area with winding lanes  enclosed with hedges and no pavements thus not suitable for this type of photographic exercise…..or children cycling!

Below are a set of images that clearly demonstrate the motion as the shutter speed decreased (whilst maintaining the same exposure).

CB27 @ 1/2000 sec was the fastest shutter speed I could muster in lighting conditions at high ISO. This image is in fact sharp but there is ‘noise’ due to the high ISO.

CB26 @ 1/800, the foreground and back drop are sharp but you can already see that the motion blur creeping in around the sleeve. Also the face is soft.

CB25 @ 1/400 is softer again but only giving the sense of an out of focus subject.

CB24@ 1/200 is similar to CB25 but some sense of movement is creeping into the foot. This I expect to see as the feet are making the fastest movements.

CB23 @ 1/125 is really starting to communicate motion as apposed to just soft fuzz but not really good enough to differentiate it from a poorly taken image.

CB21 and CB22 are much the same as above. There may be differences in speed and light to account for it.

CB20 @ 1/50 is now showing clear slow speed speed motion.

CB19 @ 1/40 – as above but more pronounced.

CB18 @ 1/20 is really quite ghostly.

CB17 @ 1/15 is starting to signs of the subject disappearing.

CB16 @ 1/10 is the slowest shutter speed and the subject has very nearly vanished.





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