Cropping and Filling Frame.

Over the last 2.5 years, whilst finding my feet with photography, I have been using the ‘rule of thirds’ as a proverbial ‘rule of thumb’.  Where that hasn’t been appropriate then I have adapted the rule of thirds to gauge an overall ‘in camera’ composition. It may be that what I have been doing is applying, unknowingly, some other composition theories. I have now started reading Michael Freeman’s ‘The Photographer’s Eye’ and will be keenly reflecting on the content against my work.

The first chapter covers filling the frame and I have undertaken the module exercise  (  and this was a comfortable exercise for me.


Within some months of first taking up photography I was finding a pleasing ‘in camera composition’ but also looking through the view finder and acknowledging cropping potential if the composition was less then ideal. Leaving room to do that was a lesson well learnt. Where I do ‘fit to frame’ I always feel it is an all or nothing image that will either work as is in edit or it won’t. Working around a subject and exploring all potential angles is something I still do while building experience. Unconsciously images I have seen in books and magazines have probably influenced me. In fact,looking back, I now realise they have. Exploring what had made me tick previously in my sub concious will be a healthy thing and help me to reflect on further development of style.

One aspect of composition that is jumping out initially from Michael Freeman’s book it the need to be able to reason, rationalise and articulate why a decision is being reached. However, I am also wary of being held hostage and over thinking composition at the risk of damping down creative natural intuition. We shall see where this research leads my thinking.


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