Settling in to studies.

Some 3 weeks have passed since I opened the first page of ‘The Art of Photography’ and I haven’t stopped since so this evening I thought I reflect on achievements and results.  A kind of self assessment I suppose.

There has been so much to adjust to before even thinking about photographs.  Organising all the different aspects has been quite successful. Books, tutors, mentors, equipment, software, furniture have now all appeared and IT training will commence next week.  I could have easily justified not starting the actual coursework until everything was firmly in place but two issues jumped to mind.  Firstly that the longer I left ‘getting stuck in’ the harder it would become.  Secondly I wanted to see how much I could achieve by myself.

Setting up this WordPress log was quite a task but I did actually confront the anxiety and put together something that I am now reasonably content with.  It’s presentation is clean and organised methodically.  All the categories have the own links and are simple to navigate.  Uploading the work in a chronological order is working out okay too.  Logging and referencing images I am also content with at this time.

As my IT skills improve I expect that this page will evolve.  I will find new ways to present my work with in this template.

The books arrived and a pang of anxiety emerged however I have made a good start with a couple of the books and will soon get to grips with referencing and recording my research which should be appearing here over the next couple of weeks.

One issue that I need to reconcile is that there are an awful lot of images to take for a various exercises and albeit I know they are for a purpose and not all of them can even begin to be master pieces, I am still wincing at publishing them.  The other cause for angst is that when I go out I have an enabler with me and a day and time is fixed.  However I am feeling and whatever the weather, location etc throws at me I have to produce a quantity of work.  I tire quickly and make mistakes – already reflected in some of what I have produced (i.e. leaving the ISO sky high and not checking.)   I will be glad to get to a point where there is an emphasis of quality over quantity.  I may well take advice in lifting the number of enabler hours awarded so that I am not ramming so much into each outing.

I am wading through the exercises and finding them a good revision in basics albeit the overall quality of images could be better.  As I settle and the pressure of adjusting lifts I am sure that the quality I know I am capable of will return.

All things considered I think I am pacing okay.  I doubt I will be able to meet the provisional submission date for the first assignment but predict the first week of November.   I want to keep the momentum but also give myself a bit more time that I can justify due to the amount of extra time needed to implement support packages I have had to find time for.



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