Exercise: Horizontal and Vertical frames.

Please find corresponding images below this entry.

I had to adapt this exercise in that I didn’t shoot all 20 images vertically and then go back around again to shoot horizontally. I did each pair one at a time. This was for logistical reasons I will happily correspond about privately. However, I think I probably gave myself more time to consider each pair as a result.

Where I could I kept the focal length same in each set, although the focal length differed between sets.

Again, another worthy exercise to wake me up to needing to consider lots of options when surveying a potential image. There were no particular difficulties in making any given image work each way and decisions would be made in future based on what it is that I aim to achieve. As with the focal length exercise, the context needs to be considered. found that generally the context of each subject is better demonstrated in landscape presentation.

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