EXERCISE: Cropping.

Although we were asked to print images and look at cropping, I felt it would be better to consider cropping in my editing suite. It is more comfortable for me to do so and where I am ultimately going to be considering cropping as part of my workflow.

The exercise asked us to look at 3 of our own images. ( I hope I have interpreted that properly?) I thought it would be good to go back to older images and reconsider how I had cropped and if I would have done anything any different.

SG/CB06, found below, shows three different images. The first image in each row is the original frame, the middle image in each row shows the crop guide I have worked with and the final image is the finished product.

The top row shows the most radically cropped image after much manoeuvring of the crop guide. I had been out shooting street photography and was prepared for a different image that required a vertical frame. This shop trader caught my eye and I responded to it but had to be quick. Fortunately the crop seems to have worked although ideally I wouldn’t have wanted to salvage an image to this degree.

The second row was a reasonable frame anyway and had originally applied a ‘tidy up’ crop. I wanted to see if there was any other way the image could be further enhanced by means of cropping. As it turned out the original crop administered was still holding true.

The bottom row is an image I KEEP going back to. The sky is huge in the original frame and doesn’t add to the image, yet if I crop out sky then the balance of the horizon and general composition changes. The crop chosen has retained balance and brought the trees forward but I am disappointed that such a large crop is required.


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