Exercise: Sequence of events.

The sequence of events below is boring but fits the purpose. This exercise was purely to demonstrate how we might move around and compose images in a sequence of events. I am an avid fan of documentary photography and have produced much more competent work then shown below and will hopefully have chance to explore that more further on in the course.    However, I have to travel a long way to get to streets that inspire me and everything around my locality is deathly quiet.  I made the most of a less then ideal circumstance though and this set follows a lady arriving at a train station and …… then departing.  The mono conversion really works for me on several different levels.  She is apparently upset and the other symbolism in the image makes the overall image a winner for me.  The other images are what they are for the exercise.  

The exercise notes invited me to write a little entry under each image to explain why I chose to shoot as I did. I can summarise as effectively in this case…..

I chose a fixed point as I often have to do due to waxing and waning personal limitations.  From that fixed position I found a solid general composition to then be able to compose everything from.   I was able to use my 200mm lens although the zoom was probably not enough in this case to really push the requirements of this exercise.  There was always the option of cropping in post if required later.  From there I took a neutral frame of an empty platform that set the scene.  I soon picked up on the lady in the distance and followed her progress, then brought the train into the story.  The two subjects (train and lady) then meet on the platform…….  Then train departs.  


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