Contrast in Photography – Further Reading.

Assignment 1 in Art of Photography tasks us to consider the basic fundamentals of contrast. Contrast is something we look at all day everyday and many will be oblivious to the wonder of it.  It was the fascination of contrasts and patterns in my world that was part of my original draw to photography and also admiration of other art mediums.  Michael Freeman touches on this in his book ‘The Photographers Eye’ which forms part of the course essential reading.

I have aslo had a look on the internet for succinct definition and inspired examples that really push the point.  I have found this entry today on ‘theDPhoto’.  The author is Diana Eftaiha who States, 

“One of the most fundamental basics of design is contrast, and photography is no different. Contrast is basically the difference in visual properties that makes an object (or its representation in an image) distinguishable from other objects within the same field of view.

Contrast stresses the differences between graphic elements in an image; be it contrast in color, shape, texture, tone, luminosity, sensation…etc, resulting in this huge impact of having the contrasting elements reinforce each other making a photograph (or any visual piece of art for that matter) more interesting.

Contrast need not be limited to color; it can be found all around us and represented in so many ways. “

The full article contains very strong example of contrast within compositions.

Compositional Design Basics: Contrast


Accessed 5th October 2013


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