Exercise 1 – Positioning a Point Notes.

(Please find the corresponding images in the post below this one)

When we first tackled this subject in Part 1, Art of Photography I was struggling to see the point of the exercise.  Apart from finding a home for a lone subject in a plain expanse.  Perhaps I was over thinking it.  However, since then I have re read some of Michael Freeman’s Photographers Eye and looked at other minimalist work by other photographers.  I will go into this in more detail under the category ‘Art of Photography Part 2 – Reflection’.  

In this exercise we have moved on to other factors other then puncturing a plain background. We take into account other clues to give a subject a sense of place.

The collection of Swan images below goes someway in taking into consideration direction of the Swan, lines of movement and light.

The Swan was obviously moving and I had to think rapidly. My favourite image happens to be the top image CB/ DSC2375 where the water movement gives a sense of direction of where the Swan has come from.  It adds some tension to the image.  The direction of the Swan’s sight gives a sense of where he might be going too which happily points to the bottom right of the frame.  The Swan sits within ‘rule of thirds’ but also the ‘golden spiral’ comes into play.  The line of sight cuts across the intersection of the rule of thirds as shown in the image here.Image

CB/ DSC2374 and is similar with water movement but the flow of the image doesn’t sit so well.

CB/ DSC2376 only gives us a sense of the Swan travelling into the frame.


Further research considering Fay Godwin ‘Single Stone, Ring of Brogar, Orkney, 1979. can be found under this link.


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