CBA/13 – Smooth. CBA/14 – Rough.

CBA/13 - Smooth.  CBA/14 - Rough.

CBA/13. ISO 100, f22, 1.3 secs.

CBA/14. ISO 400, f6.3, 1/250.

Tutor comments….
….”I think the fact that you have little to say about these images suggests that they are not particularly interesting and more of a technical exercise than an attempt to convey something engaging about the way contrasting pairs might work? While both are well executed from a technical point of view, for the former, there isn’t anything particular in the frame that engages the viewer, and for the latter although the thistle is defined well against the soft focus background through selective depth of field, it’s not the best representation of the plant.”

My note:
( Probably more representative of exhaustion/ disability then the lack of wanting.)

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