CBA/4 – Solid (Wood). CBA/3 – Liquid (Water).

CBA/4 - Solid (Wood).  CBA/3 - Liquid (Water).

CBA/4. Wood/ Solid. Ambient light. ISO2000, f.3.5, 1/25. Solid and stacked awardly

CBA/3. Liquid/ Water. ISO 200, f.14, 1/40. OCF

Tutor feedback……
……”Some lovely textures in the rippling water of Liquid, and you capture a good sense of the substance in the translucence and colour. You demonstrate a good technical understanding of how to capture this subject. The stacked cut timber works well as a contrasting image but isn’t a particularly interesting shot; perhaps, with something like this, you might look for an additional element to bring a sense of narrative to the subject matter?”


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