Exercise 5 – Vertical.

Exercise - Vertical.

In this exercise we were asked to find 4 vertical compositions and not to repeat how they appeared. It was suggested that the most successful composition would be where the vertical was the first element of the image noticed. To find anything truly vertical in rural England is quite and achievement. Even that of a telegraph pole, posts, fences are ultimately deemed to be diagonals due to subsiding banks and the like. Plants and trees may have elements of being vertical but are, in the most part, suited to the definition of curves or diagonals. So it was actually hard to find anything truly vertical and I was stunned that I had never really noticed before now. Also it was very difficult to find anything vaguely vertical without a horizontal or diagonal being equally as present in the frame.

Further insights to this subject can be found under the relevant category. Art of Photography – Part 2, Research and Reflection.


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