Controlling strength of Colour

Controlling strength of Colour

Text to follow.

The notes instructed that we should take five image. First a metered exposure and then working from 1 stop above the metered exposure we need to close down the aperture .5 of a stop until one stop under the metered exposure.

My camera works in 1/3 stops hence there are more images. The metered exposure is the fourth in from the left.

We can see that each third of a stop from left to right decreases the exposure. What I have also noticed is that the first image is less orange and more yellow.
The 7th image from the left is one stop under the original exposure and the images 8,9 and 10 get progressively duller with loss of detail.

So I have learnt that over/ under exposing affects the strength of the hue.

Afterwards I tried to bring the darkest image back in edit to the original exposure and noticed that although this is possible there is a loss in overall quality of the image.

Research into Hue/ Saturation/ Luminosity.


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