Exercise: Secondary Colours – Violet

Exercise: Secondary Colours - Violet

For this exercise in exposure of primary and secondary colours we were asked to try and find naturally occurring colours where possible….and I have tried to do that. However I am now in the middle of December and the variety of natural colours are somewhat lacking.

This exercise is set to help us to be able to identify isolated colours and to look at the effect of under and over exposure. In the notes it stated that identifying colours out of context can be difficult. The notes gave instructions to find an example of each primary and secondary colour, and then take a metered exposure that is then followed but two exposures. .5 stop above and .5 stop below. I have had to go 2/3 stop above and below.

As required I have tried to match the colours with the colour wheel and have noted under each of the sets posted below the exposure that mostly matches.

In this violet set, the underexposed image matches the colour wheel in the notes.

Additional research: https://cmacfarlane2010.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/mixing-pigment-and-light/ ‎


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