Colour theory according to Ted Forbes

Forbes, T. (2013). Episode 138: Color Theory in Photography. Available: Last accessed 4th December 2013.

 This 20min video tutorial was a fantastic starting block into looking at colour and how it can be used effectively in composition.  One wonderful tool spoken about is Adobe Kuler.  This is an interactive colour wheel that assists with colour palettes. It provides hues and saturations and an RGB value bar.

Ted Forbes goes on to talk about a number of noted photographers that I will research further.,0.7,0.1344817502446264,0.7350598106945914,1,0.4498401064939389,0.6591050803227545,1,0.292116786063752,0.6157358925518417,0.06448175024462637,0.7,0.9061409373801115,0.292116786063752,1&swatchOrder=0,1,2,3,4


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