Assignment 2: The Art of Photography – Elements of Design.

Below posts contain the assignment submission.  The tutor feedback for each individual image is placed each image further down the page.

The overall tutor comment:

“This is very good submission.  The theme works very well indeed, unites the set, but hasn’t in any way compromised your work exploring the individual elements of the assignment.

 You have taken risks this time and pushed for a more creative and inventive approach to your work and that’s a good thing. It’s hard to find a balance sometimes and we have to be wary of too much contrivance.

 You worked in monochrome throughout, as suggested in the course notes, it’s an opportunity to define and enhance the elements of design, and this works well for this set, with well exposed and balanced images full of tone and texture.

 You have made every effort to relate your theory and research to the shots, and this comes across clearly in your notes.

 In my last feedback I suggested that your .. ‘Filing and reference system is complex and I found myself going back and forth to see which image relates to which element…’ you still haven’t addressed this and the reference/name for images you submit in the folder should match those in the Blog. Please could you do this for the next assignment.”

 My overall response:

I am highly relieved.  The issue around referencing of images had been addressed for this assignment and the previous one. However I had misunderstood the tutors comments about going back through the learning log to simplify the referencing of my images but this has been addressed now.


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