CB/20 – Distinct, If Irregular Shapes.




D700, f/5.6,ISO400, 200mm, 1/60

My Notes:

Shapes: Bottle, leaves, dry and damp triangles and bottle tops.Giving a reason for a position in a frame is key here but as much for metaphorical reasons as to straight design.  The empty bottle is placed in the ‘depression/alone zone’ of the frame and reinforces the cause of the bottle being here in the first place. The empty bottle is stood in the ‘light’ but precariously close to and facing the ‘dark’ area of the ground.  You can see implied triangles dividing the ground area and linking the bottle with plastic lids. 

Tutor notes:

One of the dangers of this assignment is choosing a subject/composition or putting one together that doesn’t entirely ring true. This may well be a genuine find or you may have arranged it, but it feels false. The shape of the bottle and the bottle caps is regular, and their composition, too. I think for this element, the brief is looking for something that is genuinely irregular in shape – for your theme, a partly demolished building say, or uncollected rubbish piled in the street.

 I have to be honest; I haven’t come across the ‘depression/alone zone’ 

My response:

There are triangles, squares, leaf, bottle and lids. It fitted with the theme.  The ‘depression zone’ was something I read a long time ago.  I am unable to find the text (try as I might). It was a psychology experiment where  people were given a black sheet of paper and asked to put a mark where they would consider ‘depression’ and ‘alone’ to be represented. I just can’t find it for looking now.  However, this knowledge was in my mind when I took the image. Again, it is a found composition.




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