CB/19 – Diagonals.




My notes:

As we know, diagonals help to provide perspective and give movement by drawing the eye in.  Diagonals are free from frame alignment and we can achieve more dynamic tension when using them as a strong design element in a composition.  Having said that, here we see some level of stability is achieved via the structure of the tunnel that provides horizontal and verticals.  The image has deliberately been taken a tad off centre to provide an air of being situated in the shadows. The motion blur was a deliberate choice to give a greater sense of vulnerability and disorientation in an oppressive situation.  I took several images at different speeds and the motion blur of the distant person lends itself to greater atmosphere and engagement with the image. Gestalt law of continuation and closure can be seen here.

Tutor notes:

There is a good use of diagonals to create a sense of depth and perspective in this shot of the subway. You have a real sense of the place, a strong ambience, potential urban menace in an image full of detail. It is very well produced with a whole spectrum of tone, and some great detail in the extremes – particularly the shadow areas – the viewer is drawn to the dark spaces. The motion blur works, but the figure is quite small in the frame and the impact is lessened.

My response:

Content that I have conveyed the ‘menace’.  My creative decision about the size of the subject was based on wanting her to be overwhelmed by the environment.  The sacrifice was the impact of the shutter speed work but I still think this is the best outcome.



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