CB/22 – Several Points in a Deliberate Shape.




Sony a55.  Tokina 11- 17mm f/2.8.

My Notes

This image would also work well for diagonals but I had tackled this composition with ‘several points in a deliberate’ shape in mind.  The boards are deliberate in their placement to capture the eyes of people passing by and implied lines between shapes demonstrate relationship.  Creatively though, I could also see the poetic composition emerging of the two men.  All that stands between the cold and dark for one man and the warmth and light for the other one is money to pay for the things advertised in between them.  The crooks of their arms give an implied line between each other.  From the Gestalt point of view we can see law of similarity, simplicity and continuation.

Tutors notes:

This shot works well for the element Several Points. The homeless man, the row of signs and the distant figure on the phone all serve to advise the viewer’s interpretation of the scene and theme, and guide the eye around the frame.  It’s a bit of a tight composition with little room at the bottom and right of frame, and it’s always worth considering this when you’re shooting – if in doubt and it’s possible, shoot a little wide.

My response:

Yes, it’s tight but shot at 16mm which is  wide although I thought I was set at 11mm.  It was a fleeting moment and although I saw the composition potential before it happened I had all but a few seconds to execute this image.






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