CB/23 – Horizontal and Vertical.




D700,F/4, 50mm, ISO 200, 1/250

My Notes:

This image shows a strong combination of horizontals and verticals that create a stable image, yet takes the eye in different directions. Strong verticals confront and lift the eye, and then we notice the horizontals that pull the eye from left to right.  This image provides a slight abstract feel to it and the contrast helps to pull us past the darks of the verticals into the lights of the horizontals. The mucky glass adds to the atmosphere of the image as a whole and doesn’t distract from the main aim of the image.  There is a diagonal there but it felt wrong to dismiss the image that otherwise fits the brief creatively and technically. The overall feel of the image is uncomfortable feel without a place for the eye to settle and that helps to reflect the overall feel of vulnerability in this environment.

Tutor Notes:

Some might say that this shot doesn’t work on its own, but I think it does, a subtle vision of gradual urban decay and underbelly.  It works very well as part of the themed set, and is a good example for this element. It does have a strong abstract feel to as you say, but also depth and a good (dark) ambience.



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