CB/24 a – Single Point.



Sony a55. f/6.3, ISO 100, 60mm, 1/15. Flash gun.

My Notes:

A second single point image so there is no confusion as to my understanding.  Going back to the basics, as mentioned above, the decision is about justifying placement.  I could have taken the image from above and kept a very plain background but wanted to keep some context to the image as if walking towards the cap to place money in, or maybe in a constable case seeking out evidence of begging after a complaint.  Placed just forward of a wall and not in front is one way in which some people try to detach themselves away from the activity of begging either emotionally or on a practical level of…”No, I just placed my hat next to me officer.” As if the sad desperation could be concealed.  This is a ‘prop’ image.  Gestalt law of separation

Tutors Comments:

This works better for single point obviously, but might have been placed better in the frame to create a fuller sense of the context.  Unless you’d written in your notes that this was a beggar’s ‘bowl’ I wouldn’t have known – the viewer can’t see the cash in the hat, and the ‘prop’ looks in almost too good condition from this distance to belong to a beggar (?)  This is where context plays such an important role and where the photographer has to find a balance between what the viewer can clearly read (see) and what they might interpret.


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