CB/24. Single point (curves/ diagonals and multiple points)





D700, f/11, 45mm, ISO 400 1/1000

My notes:

I was in two minds as to whether this could be presented as a single point image.  Only because my ideas and examples given through the exercises were that it should be a smaller point in the frame.  This image might defeat the object of the exercise and maybe the feedback will come back as ‘ better suited to curves and diagonals’.  However, this is a single point and a decision has to be made about how to place the image in the frame and what space to allow it (Freeman,M.2007: 24). I wanted to have a dynamic image that highlighted the fact that this construction takes on the form of fingers holding on.  I wanted a feeling of power and movement in the image achieved with curves and diagonals. Finally I think I have achieved a sense of disorientation through the lack of horizontal stability and implementing diagonal movements as I observed in Rodchenko’s images (more detail in learning log.)

Tutors notes:

 You’re right, better suited to curves and diagonals – it isn’t really a single point, it is in fact four points and rhythmic, but it is an interesting shot. 

Exploring the use of the tilt is always an interesting exercise, here there is a sense of danger, but also, because of the shapes of the edifice, it makes it look like a fairground ride.

My response:

I think this was a case of me wanting this to be a single point!! It only matters for the assignment though. I like this image. I didn’t think fairground though. I’m glad the element of danger was conveyed here though albeit in a different context.


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