CB/25 – Curves





D700 F/9, ISO 1000, 1/40, 70mm.

My notes:

This image has plenty of movement provided by a vertical and curves intertwined. The eye almost follows a figure of 8 motion. The rapid flow also takes us from one side of the frame to another as well as from the top and to the bottom.  The movement that heightens the awareness of the discomfort in a decaying environment might induce a manic feeling when coupled with the eye not finding a resting place until settling on the window.

Tutor notes:

An interesting study, but a little extra context might bring some narrative to connect with your theme. Notice how difficult it is to define an object with such fine detail as this against such a complex textured background. I’m not nor sure what you mean about the eye not finding a resting place, to me that would mean ‘no clear focal point’.

My response:

Yes, I did struggle to define the stairs.  It was an editing hell!  The poem submitted and the pre -read should be enough to trigger the imagination as to what might lay beyond.  


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