CB/26 – Implied Triangles





Sony a55 f/6.3, ISO 400, 1/500, 11mm

My notes:

The geometrical composition lends itself to the notion of discipline and order that is featured in remembrance parades.  The first implied triangles hold the subject firm in the base with the apex at the bottom and cradles the monument. The corner stone pushes our eye up the central monument where a second implied triangle, formed by bronze figures and central column send our eyes skyward. The figures are also, in themselves implied triangles.  This composition also emphasizes an eye line from one of the statues that engages us. 

Tutor notes:

This is an interesting composition for the monument, but the frame is too tight, the subject needs a touch more space to ‘sit’ in. That may sound like a very conventional thing to say but framing something is crucial to get the right sense of space and place. This would also reduce some of the distortion of the wide-angle lens.  As you say in your notes, plenty of energy and dynamism in the triangular configurations.

My response:

Point taken and agreed with – I was unable to move back any further in this instance.  Distortion doesn’t really worry me personally especially when shooting at 11mm as it’s the nature of the beast but I will keep it in mind for further submission.



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