CB/27 – Pattern





Sony a55 f/7/1, 1/100, 60mm, ISO 1600


My notes:


“Okay, maybe obvious but I wanted to tie the brief of pattern in with the names on a memorial but being mindful of the respect shown and not identifying any individual solider but bringing the pattern of the engraved letters to the viewer in and abstract way.  Somebody like John Burgin would be spending perhaps years working on the idea of a conceptual body of work and I’ve given myself a mere couple of weeks to bring this together as best I can.


 Although the eye is encouraged to read the letters that spell ‘END’ and ‘HELL’, the eye doesn’t have a fixed place to settle until the word is made out. The eye is first taken in different directions across the image by the formation of letters. Pattern comes in all sorts of presentation so this fits to brief.  The law of continuation is applied here.


Tutor Notes:


 A well chose example for the theme, and a nice way to round off the set.

Of course, as you point out in your notes, using words to explore the idea of pattern can create conflict as the viewer naturally tries to interpret and read what is carved in the stone. Symbolically, it is clear what this represents.


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