Assignment 3 Preparation

As I prepare to submit my assignment I am looking back at photography and suggested artwork to example Itten’s colour theories. I have consulted over the last few weeks to assess my interpretation of colour theory within landscape photography.  I will add to this list prior to submission.

Steve McCurry’s ‘A Budhist Monk near the Leper King Terrace’.

An example of accent colour. The overall image is of de-saturated yellow sand with hints on stronger yellows in leaves.  The orange of the robes is so vibrant that the eye is immediately taken to the Monk.

 Ardinois,B (2012). Magnum. 4th ed. London: Thames&Hudson. 360.


Eli Reed’s ‘A Lone Contruction Worker’ (9/11. World Trade Centre)

Example of heavily shadowed landscape with yellow light providing a punch for accent colour.

 ardinois,B (2012). Magnum. 4th ed. London: Thames&Hudson.435.


Joe Cornish’s ‘Off Shore wind turbine has a similar effect of yellow light in a grey seascape providing accent colour.’

 Cornish, J. (unknown). Off Shore Wind Turbine. Available: Last accessed 14/01/2014

 Joe Cornish, Swaledale.

 In this image de-saturated reds and green in landscape with no sky. House present as single point.

 Cornish, J. (unknown). Swaledale. Available: Last accessed 14/01/2014

 Joe Cornish’s ‘Sky and Sea’

Sunset or oranges, yellow and violet reflected in sea. Blue as backdrop colour.

Cornish, J. (unknown). Sky and Sea – Whitby. Available: Last accessed 14/01/2014

 Joe Cornish’s. ‘Upper Swaledale’.

 Light hitting landscape revealing  accent colour.

 Cornish, J. (unknown). Upper Swaledale. Available: Last accessed 14/01/2014.

 Ernst Haas’s. ‘Nevada Sky’.

 Sunset in ideal yellow/ violet ratio’s

Ernst Hass. (1960). Nevada Sky. Available: Last accessed 14/01/2014.

Ernst Hass’s ‘Tobago Wave’
Luminous and saturated blues and greens in contrast with whites in clouds. Last accessed 14/01/2014/01/2014.
Ernst Hass’s ‘Impala grazing’

Example of a warm image where cold colours are present. Last accessed 14/01/2014

The below paintings are in my ‘hard’ scrapbook.

The Rolin Madonna (La Vierge au Chancellor Rolin), c.1435, Jan Van Eyck, oil on panel, Louvre, Paris. Bridgeman Education.

Monte Saint-Victoria, c.1902, H. Matisse, oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA. Bridgeman Education.

Café Terrace, Place du Forum, Arles, 1888,Vincent Van Gogh, Rejikmuseum, Oill, Netherlands, Bridgeman Education.

Apocalypse de St Server, 11thc, (unknown), oil, Blibleoteque Nationale, Paris. Getty Images.

Landscape at Les Volettes, 1910, Pierre Renoir, Oil of Canvas, Musee Renoir, Cagnes-sur-mer, France. Bridgeman Education.

Tulip Field in Holland, (unknown), Claude Monet, oil on canvas, Musee Mamottan Monet, Paris. Bridgeman Education.

Sunset, Finchingfield, June, 1905, Lucern Pissaro, Private Collection. Bridgeman Education.

Man in Golden Hat, 1650, Circle of Rembrandt, oil on canvas, Private Collection Fribourg. Available at

Still-Life with Lemons, Oranges and Rose, 1633, Zurbaran, Norton Museum. Available atán_-_Still-life_with_Lemons,_Oranges_and_Rose_-_WGA26062.jpg Last accessed 17/01/2014

Guitar and Clarinet on Mantelpiece, 1915, Pablo Picasso, Oil, Paper and Sand, Gallery 900. Available at: last accessed 17/01/2014

Apocalypse de St Server, c.1100, (unknown), Oil, Blibleoteque Nationale, Paris. Available at Last accessed 17/04/2014

The Morning After The Deluge,1843, William Turner, oil on canvas, Tate, England. Available at:’s_Theory)_–_The_Morning_after_the_Deluge_–_Moses_Writing_the_Book_of_Genesis . Last accessed 17/01/2014


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