CB/ 35 – Colour harmony through warm colours.

CB/ 35 - Colour harmony through warm colours.

ISO 2000, f/8, 1/320, 42mm.  To see enlarged image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11H

Colour harmony:

It’s so hard finding similar warm colours in winter without cold colours being dominant, so this was the next best thing. This little arrangement was taken just as the heavens opened for the afternoon. The grey wall backdrop might follow Itten’s law of ‘simultaneous contrast’ (Birren,1994:53). In this law Itten demonstrates that the colour cones in the eye gives the grey a wash of the complementary colour of the dominant colour. Sure enough the wall seems to be tinged green. I haven’t saturated the greens and I don’t think the wall had green hues from memory.

Tutor response:
Such a dramatic change in the set to see the bright red plastic paddles and yellow road markings in this next image. Strong, saturated similar colours combining here to produce an interesting rhythm across the frame. You compose this well, and it is some time before the immediate attraction of the bright coloured areas give way to an exploration of the setting and the background and the moody ambience of the lake and hills.

My response:
I was not confident about this image as I wondered if I would receive feedback about the composition being contrived. If I had found another ‘warm’ colour image then this might have been left out. I am glad that it went down well though.


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