CB/30 – Complementary colours.

CB/30 - Complimentary colours.

ISO 500, f/11, 1/400, 52mm. To see a larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-120

Complementary colours:

I was a little concerned that the two spots of yellow in this image and also the spread of grey would render this as not being strictly a complementary colour image. So I referred to Itten’s suggested complementary colour example,‘Madonna of the Chancellor Rolin’ (Birren,1994:50). I found that although the painting is an entirely different subject matter, the red hue was present and dominant at the front of the frame and green in the background with splashes of other colour present.
The purity of red and green in the foreground of this image, at a 1:1 ratio, is reflected in the de-saturated red/ green in the spit of land situated in the middle ground. This lends to a sense of distance (Birren,1994:46).

Tutor Comment:
The third image with the bright red postbox and the green pasture, balanced at each side of the composition works well (the Landrover, too of course). There’s a nice balance overall to this shot with the moody sky the detail in the stone cottage and the subtle rendering of the fields and lake on the horizon. The postbox could also be seen as an example of a colour point, immediately drawing the eye.

My response:
The dominance of post box could have enable this image to sit in the ‘colour accent’ category. However here I wanted to explore the colour ratios and desaturated repetition in the middle ground.


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