CB/31 – Complementary colours.

CB/31 - Complimentary colours.

ISO 320, f/10, 1/125, 42mm. To see larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11U

Complementary colours:

Blue and orange. Although the scene isn’t Itten’s suggested ratio of 3:1(Birren,1994:61), trying to achieve that in this scene would be futile. The layering of de-saturated orange and blue gives a sense of distance and yet the sky is brought forward (Birren,1994:46). The orange ‘wash’ over the blue gives the image a warm feel. This ‘orange wash’ effect is something I see in various artists and photographers work especially in sea and boat scenes albeit they are often not as tranquil! An extreme photograph with an ‘orange wash’ can be seen in ‘10 hours west of mili atollmarshall islands upcoming’ by Chris Friel (www.chrisfriel.co.uk).

Tutor comment:
The use and balance of colour in the fourth shot really captures a sense of mood, time and season very well. I can see the complementary element here, very subtle but present. It’s a lovely composition.

My response:
Nothing to add in response.

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