CB/32 – Colour harmony through similar cold colours.

CB/32 - Colour harmony through similar cold colours.

ISO 2000, f/11, 1/320, 32mm. To see larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11Q

I’m not sure too many photographers would bother getting the camera out in these conditions and I am yet to find an image to refer to that is quite so gloomy as this! However, the colours are on the cold side of Itten’s colour wheel. The foreground green provides a lift on a dreary morning. Various blues through to white are also present with subtle yellow hues and de-saturated greys from the cold side of the colour wheel (Birren,1994:54).

Tutor comment:
I think there is a real atmosphere in this shot, cold and miserable it might have been, but this is the country we choose to live in. This works very well especially with the green rope in the left foreground. The nicely exposed sky (the eye is drawn to that textural detail and light at the top right) is reflected in the houses and roves.

My response:
It was healthy to explore cold colours. Had it not been for the assignment brief I don’t think I would have bothered but I can now see how I probably dismiss opportunities too easily based on weather.


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