CB/33 – Colour harmony through similar warm colours.

CB/33 - Colour harmony through warm colours.

ISO 1000, f/9, 1/80, 70mm. To see a larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11K

Harmony through similar warm colours:

This is a difficult image because although the orange tones are warm, the light temperature makes this a ‘colder’ warm harmony then I would have liked (though we are told in the notes not to worry about colour temperature at this time). Also the yellow hues start merging into greens albeit they are yellowish green. Yellow /green does start to creep into cold hues. When I compared this image to my ‘cold’ images it was then easier to describe the image as warm and then I re-read Itten’s cold/ warm contrast teachings where he states that defining colours as cold and warm can be very misleading (Birren,1994:45). Ernst Haas ‘Impala Grazing – Kenya’ (www.ernst-hass.com) is a warm image of orange and yellow hues where the shape of the Impala is mirrored in the landscape. A hint of green is in the background too. I felt better after I viewed his image against mine.

Tutor comments:
You choose quite a wide, almost panoramic frame for this shot of the highland cow. I might have chose something a little deeper to take in more of the context, but there is a subtle balance between tone and texture here, warmer than the previous image but still has a wild feel to it.

My response:
I will probably be altering the crop on this image frequently to suit different purposes. This letter box crop suited something else I also had in mind for this image and hence this decision at the time.


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