CB/36 – Colour contrast.

CB/36 - Colour contrast.

ISO 200, f/11/,1/1250, 26mm.  To see larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11B

Colour contrast:

I battled to find a better composition but the sun was too strong to achieve it. The intensity of the contrasting blue and green coupled with the hanging mist persuaded me to include this image in the assignment. A slight clipping in the highlights is disappointing but as a digital image I don’t think it matters in this instance. Itten’s colour ratio wheel demonstrates the ideal ratio of blue and green that is demonstrated here (Birren,1994:61).
There isn’t a passing elephant here but Ernst Hass’s ‘Elephant,Kenya’ (www.ernst-hass.com) uses a similar luminosity and saturation to this image. Also Hass’s image has a sliver of orange ground in his image that enhances the contrast as apposed to the white in my image.

Tutor comment:
I like this shot very much, the contrasting colours and textures – mist and water. I guess the angle of light and the time of day make for a less saturated range, but the subtlety of hue produces a much more atmospheric feel to the place.

My response:
I think the time of day and assistance of a polariser helped retain the blue in the water. Any later and the sun would have reflected on the water rendering it much whiter. This was a post production hell as nasty lens flair had to be eliminated in Lightroom (I’m not CS6 literate yet). It was worth the effort though.


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