CB/38 – Contrasting Colours


ISO400, f/11, 1/60, 70mm. To see a larger image:http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11l

Colour Contrast:

The yellows bleed in to a tertiary yellow/ orange and this provides a complementary colour to the blue. The green then contrasts. The yellow light catching on the sweeping tar road connects the foreground to the background. Itten explains that contrasting images require three colours. Often it’s a complementary pair and another contrasting colour to that pair (Birren,1994:33). We can also see two other laws of contrast that are ‘contrast of warm and cold’ and ‘light and dark’ (Birren,1994,37:45).

Tutor comment:
I think it’s worth occasionally talking about the level of processing you might have applied to an image, and what you had to do to achieve the final look. This feels more evident here in this landscape, especially with the way the light and colour has been lifted in the pasture. The colours are strong and well balanced in this shot and the eye is drawn down the lane, the light reflecting from the surface, to the distant sky and its beautiful backlit cloud detail.

I completely agree. I am not quite sure what I was thinking of here. It’s not so noticeable stand alone but it completely jars against the rest of the images.

I have now realised that part of the colour cast issue is the polariser and there is little I can do. However I believe it looks marginally better in print and it will be sent up to assessment to be viewed.



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