CB/39 – Contrasting colours.

CB/39 - Contrasting colours.

ISO 1000, f/18, 1/60, 50mm. To see larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11r

Colour Contrast:

Two intensities of red and blue run right through the image with green also evident. The more luminous scattered reds in the buoys punctuate through from left to right and give an energetic element to the image albeit this is better demonstrated with red against green (Birren,1994:61). The buoys are in contrast to the equally luminous blue in the boats. The less luminous reds and blues are found in the roofs and chimneys. It gently reflects what is happening in the harbour.
The colour values of red and blue means that there needs to be more blue to equal the impact of the red (Birren,1994:60).

Tutor comments:
The bright red points of the buoys and the darker but larger blue hulls of the ships create an interesting and random pattern across this composition, complementing the more regular and rigid structures of the houses. Did you tweak the reds of the distant chimneys?

My response:
Hands up! I tweaked all sorts of saturation levelse here but, to be fair on myself, it was to make sure the point was illustrated.


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