CB/41 – Colour accent.

CB/40 - Colour accent.

ISO 2000, f/8, 1/640, 38mm. To see larger version: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-116

Colour accent:

Possibly my favourite of the set. The aqua blues still gleam under the threatening sky and the orange of the boat complements perfectly and provides the accent colour. The white of the boat intensifies the aqua and orange hues.
Steve McCurry’s ‘A Buddhist Monk near the Leper King Terrace’ (Magnum,2012:360) is a wonderful example of the impact of orange as an accent colour.

Tutor comment:
This next image woks better with the white hull of the boat a single defined focal point against the surrounding water. The image feels a bit over processed, though with the near desaturated background hills and the green of the water.

My response:
I can understand why you say you think this is over processed. The colours of the water are true. The background hills aren’t desaturated and skies like this can render the mountains blackened. The estuary is actually very wide here and more distant then it seems. The heavy sky brings it forward I think. However, I had some diffraction issues (I think) occur with the sky that had to be attended to.


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