CB/42 – Colour accent.

CB/41 - Colour accent.

ISO640, f/11, 1/60, 24mm. To see a larger version: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-10Z

Colour accent:

The colours from blue/ lilac in the stones, through to the blue in the sky and cold greens are all from the left side of Itten’s colour wheel. The ‘coldness’ suits this bleak coastline.
Graphically, sweeping leadlines in the foreground take the eye to the stone hut.

Tutor comment:
The green foliage of the shrubs struggling to throw some life and colour into the surrounding landscape works very well. This is a strong image, with the stone hut balancing the composition and the nicely captured seaside setting. You make good use of the wide-angle lens and depth of field, but also capture the subtle textural details of beach pebbles and cloud.

My response:
Nothing to add.


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