CB/43 – Colour accent.


ISO 800, f/14, 1/200, 70mm  To see a larger version: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-10V

Colour accent:

In this image I have experimented by using subtle yellow light above the rock to provide an accent that lifts the dark and cold landscape. The colour value of yellow, even in a de-saturated state, can have a strong impact in small quantities or de-saturated states (Birren,1994:61). William Turner uses orange light in a otherwise black stormy sea scene ‘Fisherman at Sea’ (Shanes,2004:12). Also Eli Reed in ‘Lone Construction Worker’ (Magnum,2012:435).

Tutor comment:
The final shot is also a very subtle interpretation of the brief, with the glowing patch of yellow behind the silhouetted mid-ground rocky in the ground. The rock I guess is the focal point and might be seen as the accent, except that it’s devoid of colour. I would go back to the shot of the bright red postbox as a classic example of ‘accent’. But I like this shot.

My response:
I’m not sure I understand. The colour accent is the yellow the rock is a point in the frame. That’s how I read the image anyway.


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