CB/34 – Harmony through similar cold colours:

Harmony through similar cold colours:

ISO 1000, f/18, 1/200, 24mm. To see a larger image: http://wp.me/p3RVOB-11f

Colour harmony:

This image takes us through the ‘cold’ side of the colour wheel in different saturations and luminosity of mauve/blue, blue, green/blue, green and yellow /green. The ‘cold’ colours penetrate rhythmically through the hulls of the boats uninterrupted by any real warmth. Blue and green are contrasting colours that are dominant in the scene (Birren,1994:45).

Tutor comment:
The shot of the beached yachts with their blue hulls a stronger but balanced match for the cool colours of this winters day. Did you reduce some of the warmth of the background hillside and foreground shale?

My response:
From the top of my head I don’t think I did reduce the background warmth because in LR it would be hard to achieve evenly with the masts penetrating. These ‘cold’ colour images leave me a bit ‘cold’ – not in the least part because of cold light and time of year I was working with.


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