Time for some reflection.

After the colour module that I thoroughly enjoyed, I enter this part of AoP with some trepidation. The first part of this unit I am already reasonably well versed with albeit I never take it for granted that the exercises won’t reveal a weakness in my knowledge.  However, the second part I do anticipate struggling with as I have, to date, avoided anything resembling still life and studio lighting. I am slightly phobic of buttons, gadgets, numbers and science.

In a way I wish this unit was split so that I could spend more time on learning studio work as one module. I would have liked to have seen more exercises based on studio work to help me along my way.  It’s my intention not to spend any more time on the outdoor ambient exercises then I need to, albeit I am held to ransom by January weather. A couple of the more time consuming exercises require sunlight which is not now forecast for over a week. 

In fact, I am wondering if it might be better to concentrate on the studio lighting exercises first ….which would make sense while I am trying to recover from prolonged bronchitis.  

Part of my anxiety is that I love working with ambient light and the challenges it brings.  In this image below I could have used strobes but actually it’s dangerous to have lights ‘popping’ in this environment. I benefit from the D700 sensor which is still a very beautiful handler of all things low light.  But I also know that rising to this lighting challenge now may open up other options  and new areas of photography for me. A little pain now will benefit long term.

So, I open the pages of Light, Science and Magic with a grimace and wondering how this is all going to play out for me.



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