Assignment 3: Tutor Feedback and Response.

 This post contains the general feedback and response.   Individual image feedback and my response is placed under the relevant image.

Overall Comments

This is an excellent submission, well structured and easy to find all the necessary information from research through to the larger res jpegs.  Your labelling system is much easier to follow this time, and the use of thumbnails embedded into the pdf doc with the text is most helpful.

Your independent research is thorough and focused, and you include a separate document full of detail and links to appropriate practitioners and their work. You also look beyond photography to colour theory both current and historical and this provides evidence of high engagement and interest and can only benefit your theoretical understanding and practical work.

Feedback on assignment Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity


You chose landscape and Snowdonia as the subject for this assignment and immediately recognized the potential limitations in some of the elements. But I don’t this really hindered you at all in any way and you have produced a really good set of images.  Many of the examples offer quite subtle interpretations of the colour relationships and that’s a good thing, looking at the real world.

You also relate your work here with that of other practitioners, and this reveals both the level and depth of your research and your visual literacy.

Overall images:
So a very good set, with some really well produced and composed images of landscapes. The variation in subject and approach must be applauded, and it’s clear that you spent a great deal of time and effort thinking about what you wanted to achieve.

Learning Log
Your Blog is in great shape, with all exercises complete, well documented and fully illustrated. This also reveals the amount of wok that you’re putting into the course, and a clear indication that you’re not just going through the numbers but engaging at a high and proactive level.

My response:

I am relieved. Long may feedback like this continue. I honestly didn’t know if my interpretation of the assignment was what the tutor was looking for but it seems my instinct was correct. I learnt an awful lots and for the first time was able to step back from technical exercises and more obvious graphic design and explore a subject that rarely discussed in forums I have been through.


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