Gentle introduction to studio lighting.

The last couple of days I have been perusing the diagrams and written explanations in Light, Science and Magic.  It will take a few more days for it all to be digested. All that information will, I am sure, become invaluable as I progress. I have decided though that this book needs to be read alongside various online tutorials.  The number of tutorials are vast but trying to work out which tutorial is going to be the most useful is a time consuming business.

I have also decided to start from absolute basics. As I am new to the subject of studio style of lighting this is really the only option. In the last module on colour I could barely name primary colours when I started, so I applied the same principal and worked up from school child colour theory up to Johannes Itten over the weeks.  It worked. So my ‘school girl’ introduction to studio lighting comes in the form of this: Last accessed 29/01/2014

Here, in two tutorials, McCordall covers what can be achieved with equipment found in the garden shed and what can be achieved from it.  With simple desk lamps and cardboard he demonstrates that professional results can be achieved with some time and effort.  I find this highly reassuring for my bank balance and the upcoming assignment.

I also watched another of his tutorials on several options for studio lighting and the pro’s and cons of each. I do possess some continuos lighting and strobes and found that now I can start to make choices through the strengths of each.  In the short term, until I understand lighting issues I have come to the conclusion that using continuous lighting would be the most simple way forward.  One issue though is that my continuos lighting lamp is EXTREMELY hot and a fire hazard, so diffusing the light needs to be thought about carefully.

At some point I need to just get on with it and play. Hopefully on a day when I can have everybody out at work/ school and the phone off the hook.  I am disproportionately concerned about lighting and have avoided the subject in favour for more intuitive photography but now being forced to I am hoping the reality of outcomes is better then I am currently fearing.

I will add tutorials watch below as and when I watch them so I can easily find them again.

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