Exercise 3: Judging Colour Temperature.

For this exercise the notes tell us that there is no need to be exact about white balance …..although I have to say from experience that being ‘slap dash’ about it leads to editing difficulties later.

For the first image we had to select a subject without a strong colour and take an image in full light with the WB setting on daylight.

Image 1.

Here I took the image at around midday. Everything is very washed out…including my daughter.


Image 2.

For the next image we needed to have the camera on the same setting but in shade.

This image is even cooler then the first and perhaps my daughter’s skin looks grey.  When seen side by side the face in Image 1. has a slightly yellower hue to it.


Image 3.

In this image we had to wait until ‘golden hour’ and we can see that the warm sunlight of early evening is much kinder to her fair skin. (We’ll ignore the shadow for now ).



Time of day and light balance has a strong effect on the outcome of an image.


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