Exercise 4: Judging White Balance – Part 2

For this exercise we had to find three different subjects and take several images of each subject with white balance altered on each one. 1) Daylight 2) Shade 3) Auto.

Set 1.

This situation was indoors with diffused window light.  We can clearly see a difference between the 3 images.

In the left image the camera is set on ‘auto’ wb, the middle one (slight error) was taken  ‘shade wb’, and the right image was taken on ‘fluorescent wb’.

My preference is for the left image and middle image and my final decision would be based  on what I wanted to achieve.


Set 2.

As we can see in this situation the left and right hand image are the same. The left image is in ‘auto wb’ and the right image is set to ‘sunlight’.  The sun was out so the auto wb is proving accurate. The middle image is set to shade and is much more orange but warmer in feel. I have no preference here.


Set 3.

For the same reason as above this set give the same result.  I prefer the cold wb of auto and sunlight in the left and right image.  The ‘shade wb’ shown in the middle does nothing for the colours.



We cam alter the final effect of an image by changing the wb settings on the camera.  We can also do this in editing software such as Lightroom.

It is also interesting to see how the histogram light channels move when white balance is altered.


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