Exercise 6: Variety With Low Sun.

A very rare glimpse of sun emerged yesterday evening.  A mad dash and a reluctant model meant I was able to have a go at this exercise. The cloud soon came over and I only had one chance.  We are not due to see any sun for a while now.

From left to right:

Image 1. (Far left)This is the closest I could get to edge lighting.

Image 2. ( Second from left) This is side lighting where half my daughter’s face is in shadow and the other half is in shade.

Image 3. (Third from left) This is as close to frontal lighting as my daughter would go for fear of being blinded.  The sun was behind me.

Image 4. (Far right) This is backlighting.  I have brought her face up out of shadow in edit. We can see the halo effect of the light catching her hair (as the sun was disappearing for good).



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