Exercise 10: Softening the light.

I did laugh. Prior to this first exercise in photographic lighting I took myself on a 20 mile around trip to find tracing paper to make a diffuser. I made the diffuser in a completely ‘Blue Peter’ fashion and then remembered I had a white shoot through umbrella.

Anyway, because I had made the diffuser, I used the diffuser.

I set up my Sachtler lamp (please don’t get excited, I have never used them before) and placed it at 45 degrees to the subject and to the side of the camera.  I then did what was required and took an image without a diffuser as shown image 1. I then changed the position of the diffuser until I minimised the shadow. The lamp isn’t designed for diffusers and gets extremely hot….so I had to be careful and work cautiously.

Image 1.


Image 2.



Diffusing light takes away harsh shadows.  However, I put these two images up on my Facebook page where I have many photographers, artists, family and good old school friends. I simply asked them which they preferred.  About 20 responded and there was a 50/50 split in opinion. One person felt that the shadow made her feel warm as it reminded her of sunny days next to a swimming pool.

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