Exercise 9: Outdoors at night.

For this exercise we were required to look at different light and metering in night time photography.  I have just had a 40th birthday treat to Rome, so many images were taken there.  This was a pleasurable exercise conducted in dry, warm and still weather.  The rest were taken locally.

Set 1.

This first set contain illuminated buildings as required. The image was taken on ‘aperture priority’ and on low ISO. All are tripod mounted. Trigger released was used.



This image was taken against a twilight sky and as the notes pointed out the building line is defined nicely. The white balance was on automatic and I needed to bring the oranges down a little in edit as the colour temperature was too orange. 



This is as Image a but the full moon rendered the sky lighter hence the building stands out some more.



This image was also taken under full moon with the same technique as above but I slightly lifted the exposure and altered the white balance to give this effect.



Set 2.

The next part of the exercise wanted us to take images of shop windows. On this occasion I took the images hand held with a high enough ISO to allow a faster shutter speed then the corresponding 50mm focal length. It was twilight too so this helped a little to keep the shutter speed a tad higher. The D700 is known for it’s low noise abilities in low light shooting so there is neglible visual difference to ‘noise’. I used auto white balance again and adjusted in edit accordingly. Very little adjustment was needed in this set though.  To avoid reflection I stood at opposite side of the road and then cropped to size.







Set 3.

This set aimed to explore long exposure photography and light. Image 3a) is the looking towards The Vatican. Image 3b) is Crediton High Street. Both are tripos mounted.






Set 4.

Slow shutter speed hand held featuring people. There isn’t any magic here. It’s just experimenting with shutter speed in a location that lends itself to interesting results. The result here being that the faces are distorted as if they had just jumped out of the surrounding graffiti into life albeit this presentation on WordPress doesn’t do it justice.



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